One accreditation - provides access to all tools

At e-stimate, one accreditation provides you access to all profiles and test tools you need for recruitment and development. You get access to both personality tests, team profiles, job match, cultural fit, 360 degree analysis, IQ-tests and workshop materials.

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Personality test based on evidence

Profiles and test tools provided by e-stimate are research-based but at the same time easy to understand and apply in practice. The reports are conveyed so that you get a quick overview, but without lack of deeper insight. That means, that by using e-stimate profiles- and tools, you have certainty for a high professional level - without compromising on comprehensibility.

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Do you work with recruitment?

At the e-stimate accreditation, you become accredited to work with e-stimate in recruitment. You will be provided access to personality tests, job match, cultural fit, second opinion as well as the market's most advanced IQ test.

You get access to all the tools needed for recruitment at all levels of the organization - at reasonable prices and the market's best customer support.

Quick and efficient access to candidate profile reports and test results through a simple and easy-to-use 24/7 web access.


Our tools are in-depth, accurate and easy to use.

The reports use graphical elements that facilitate a quick overview of the candidate’s behavior in a job context and differences in the candidates natural and sought-after behavior.

The reports also show whether there is consistency / inconsistency in the answer.

With the tools, you get a solid starting point for a dialogue with the candidate.


”We chose to work with e-stimate due to the easiness. The profiles give us a great dialogue with our customers as well as candidates”

Hans Erik Fischer, Partner HR Navigator





Do you work with individual development?

Be dressed to work qualified with individual- and talent development.

With one accreditation you are provided access to all profiles and materials used for development of for example employees and leaders.

Our profile tools are characterized by simplicity in front and complexity behind. Therefore, the profiles are easy to understand and is a good starting point for dialogue and development.

Individual development

Our profile tools are a solid starting point for creating awareness about strengths, development potentials, motivational factors, behavior and patterns of action.

e-stimate use a color symbolism in the reports and the texts are conveyed in an everyday language. This makes the profile report easy to work with and easy to remember afterwards in the everyday contexts.

With an e-stimate accreditation you also get access to a large number of process materials that you can use together with the profiles.



”The profiles are easy to understand, which also makes them easy to use in everyday life

Alexandra Ottosen, HR Partner KAB





Do you work with teams?

Get access to the best team profile on the market. The profiles can be used professionally to assemble and develop teams and project- and leader groups.

Ours tools provides you with thorough reports including an overview of the team as well as the role of individuals and their contribution to the team.

With the team profile, you will also get access to useful web shop materials that can be used to for example focusing the performance and strengthen the development in the team.


The graphical illustrations used in the team profile, makes it clear and easy to understand – regardless of whether the purpose is team development, to assemble new teams and project groups or to strengthen the communication and the cooperation.

If you are going to facilitate a team workshop, it is possible to supplement the team profile with provided workshop materials such as team exercises, dialogue cards, team wheel and feedback cards.



”The team profile gives a good insight in how the individual acts and how the team interacts with each other” 

Mads Lønnerup, Medejer SUPPLEMENT AS





Client statements

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”We use e-stimate profiles for recruitment and internal learning to improve cooperation and dialogue. The profiles have a great accordance with how candidates and employees see themselves”

Jeanet Tocado HR Performance Manager, Magasin

”I chose e-stimate due to their high scientific standards, their functional excellence and the easily accessible and comprehensible reports"

Steen Kampman Johansen HR Manager, BKI Foods A/S

”We have had a partnership with e-stimate for more than ten years and really appreciate the good service and support we always are provided”

Georg Suðurgarð HR Manager, Atlantic Airways

”We chose e-stimate due to the quality and understanding in their profiles. Furthermore, the value for money has been of great influence when choosing e-stimate as provider”

Lone Toftild Daglig leder, Syddansk Universitet

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