About Us

e-stimate provides professional profile and assessment tools for recruitment and development. Our tools are user-friendly, quickly delivering significant value to your work. We offer well-founded test concepts, consistently updated with the latest knowledge in the field. We ensure optimal conditions for our customers when using profile and assessment tools, providing ongoing support and the best customer service in the industry.

Our Mission

To deliver the most pedagogical and practical test concepts on the market

To provide academically well-founded tests, profiles, and HR analysis tools

To deliver the best customer service and support in the industry

Meet the Team Behind e-stimate

e-stimate is driven by a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing essential skills to ensure our profile and assessment tools are of the highest quality. With a strong academic foundation, our tools are designed to be easy to understand and apply in practice.


Sandra Ea Friis


Mail: sand@e-stimate.com

Asmund K. Lund

Industrial Psychologist

Mail: akl@e-stimate.com

Marianne Hyldahl

Senior Consultant


Andreas V. Olesen

Junior Consultant


Ida M. Hansen

Marketing Manager


Bitten Bruun

External Associated Partner


Tine M. Hansen

External Associated Partner


Anna Vedel

Academic Advisory Board

Cand.psych & p.hd.


Lars Larsen

Academic Advisory Board

Cand.psych & p.hd.


Peter Hartmann

Academic Advisory Board

Cand.psych & p.hd.


Martin Hammershøj

Academic Advisory Board

Cand.psych & p.hd.


Sisse Benkjer

Administration and Accounting


Flemming Jaller

System Developer and Programmer


Allan Høiberg

System Developer and Responsible for Server Operations

The Specialists Behind e-stimate

We are physically based in Denmark but operate as a virtual organization in the 'cloud.' We outsource many tasks to experts and specialists, ensuring progress and a unique focus.

We emphasize the importance of expertise and depth behind our tools. Therefore, we have established a Academic Advisory Board with researchers, psychologists, and psychometricians specializing in personality psychology, psychometrics, and personality tests. 

Our experts ensure that the tools are academically updated and valid. We also collaborate with researchers to collect anonymous data for research. In return, we gain valuable information and knowledge about the latest research.

We take our Social Responsibility seriously

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to us. Therefore, we support projects that help people in vulnerable positions regain stability. Additionally, we sponsor profiles for both associations and for talent development in the world of sports.

In this way, we contribute to a healthy societal development where there is room for everyone, and where there is a focus on individual talent.

We support organizations such as Muskelsvindfonden, Bistad, Mandecentret og Care.

Our Values



A solid academic foundation based on research



Expertise conveyed in a language everyone can understand



The ability to deliver user-customized solutions



Constantly updated with the latest research and trends

What Do Our Customers Say?

"I chose e-stimate based on their high level of expertise, their good functionalities, and the easily accessible and understandable reports."
Steen Kampmann
HR Manager, BKI Foods A/S
"We use e-stimate's profiles for recruitment and internal courses, among other things, to improve collaboration and dialogue. The profiles align well with how candidates and employees perceive themselves."
Jeanet Tocado
HR Performance Manager, Magasin
"We chose e-stimate based on the quality and understanding in their profiles. Additionally, the price has also been an important factor in choosing e-stimate."
Lone Toftild
Daily Leader, Syddansk Universitet