BKI Foods A/S

As a HR manager at BKI A/S, the e-stimate profiles have been a very important tool for me for several years. Earlier, I have been working with other test tools, but I chose e-stimate as provider because of their great extent of professional competency, good functionalities and the plain reports.

We have used the profile for all kind of employees – and all our employees have been composed a e-interpersonal profile. This has contributed to better collaboration in the individual departments. Furthermore, our managers are provided with a pair of extra ‘glasses’ meaning they have achieved a better understanding of the employees and have a bigger awareness regarding own behavior in the leader role.

Steen Kampmann Johansen
HR Manager, BKI Foods A/S 

We visited Steen at BKI to have a talk about how they use the e-stimate profiles


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