Hamlet Protein

I were, for a longer period, looking for a person profile tool I could use for recruitment of employees for production as well as administration. At the same time, I wanted a tool to be used for development contexts. The background for wanting to find this ’swiss-knife’ – an all-in-one tool, was a wish about building a common language about person profiles and behavior.

I found the all-in-one tool
I chose the e-interpersonal profile, which meet all above-mentioned demands.
Furthermore, e-interpersonal is because of the use of the four colors, very pedagogical and easy to understand.
I experience that the test material in a great way impart the individual profile. Moreover, I experience a high level of service and flexibility from the people in e-stimate and a high wish to constantly develop and improve the tool.

I am very happy working with e-interpersonal and e-fivefactor, which I use for the heavier recruitments. With these to profile tools, I have the optimal combination of test tools for recruitment and personal development of managers and employees of Hamlet Protein.

Vivi Stensdal, HR-Manager
Hamlet Protein


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