University of Southern Denmark

We use the e-interpersonal profile with our students on bachelor- and master level, who want to start own business during their studies. Additionally, we also have a collaboration with e-stimate about a postgraduate course we provide to small- and medium sized companies. Here, we have incorporated an accreditation in the education, so that the attendees can use the tools themselves afterwards for recruitment and employee development.

For the students, the profiles have been a big eye-opener
Both regarding verbalizing own personal competences, but also regarding how differences contribute to the groupwork.
The profiles are easily communicable and explain the mechanisms behind. Many are also impressed by their accuracy. Only rarely people do not recognize themselves.
Beyond the fact that the quality of the profiles is important, the price has also been a decisive factor in choosing e-stimate.

Lone F. Toftild
Day to day manager, University of Southern Denmark


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