It is important for us, due to many interviews, that we quickly get to the most important parts regarding the candidate. Thus, we use e-stimate.
The profiles are easy to understand, pratical usable and have many opportunities.

Effective dialogue tool for recruitment
We mainly use the profiles for recruitment of shop assistants. The reports are easy to communicate and works as a great baseline for the job interview. We do not need a lot of time to explain – the people understand very fast and are able to remember afterwards. At the same time, we experience that the profiles have a great match with how the candidates experience and describes themselves.

Internal courses and training
In Magasin we also use the e-stimate team profile on our internal courses and training – among others to improve collaboration and dialogue in teams. On courses and training, the many tools and materials provided by e-stimate are of great use.

Jeanet Tocado
HR Performance Manager, Magasin



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