Accreditation - Jutland

At e-stimate, one accreditation provides you access to all profiles and test tools you need for recruitment and development of individuals and teams.

On our accreditation course, you will be dressed to work professionally with some of the best tools for analysis of human behavior and communication worldwide. The Accreditation gives you a solid theoretic and practice baseline to use the tools.


How to get accredited – three simple steps:

Module 1: self-instruction
Module 2: Two course days
Module 3: Training


Module 1 & 2: Fundamental understanding
The first module contains self-instructions, where you will be submitted with articles and materials. The second module consists of two course days focusing on theory, profile interpreting, practical use and group exercises about profile feedback. On the course days you will be profound introduced to our tool box.

Module 3: Practice makes perfect!
As a permanent part of the accreditation, you get one month of free training, where you have free access to all our tools. In the training period, you have the opportunity to practice profile feedback or having a team workshop.

You also have free support making sure you feel dressed to work with our tools afterwards.


Listen to Jørgen C. Friis telling about our accreditations


When and where?

Time: 9AM to 4.30PM both days

Address: Erhvervshuset Boulevarden 13, 8300 Odder

Responsible: Sandra Ea Friis

Price: DKK12.500 (exclusive of VAT)


Do you want to participate in the accreditation?

NB: mention the wanted accreditation in the subject field