How others use our personality tests



There is a whole world of opportunities when you use e-stimates profile tools. Not only are there multiple types of profiles, for example the disc profile, called e-disc here at e-stimate, but each type of profile has multiple uses.

By examining our cases above you’ll get a good idea about the magnitude of the possibilities on our platform and with our certification. Our customers are very happy and satisfied with our solutions, and that is why they’re also regular and loyal customers for many years. We attribute that to our specific way of working with personality profiles, our easily comprehensible style of teaching and our professionalism in regards to personality profiles and team profiles.

Dialogue tool for recruiting

Our profiles are perfect for recruiting. Not only do they give an accurate and concrete insight into the candidate, they’re also ideal as a tool for interviewing in the recruitment process. By using the candidates profile as talking point, a basis for conversation is established and the candidates analytic abilities and self-insight is the basis for the interview.

Besides the more simple disc-profile, at e-stimate called e-disc, we also have the more advanced e-interpersonal profile which allows for a deeper insight. It is also a very effective tool for teambuilding, the setting of teams or for employee development.

Our teambuilding tool is more than teambuilding courses

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is the forming of teams. A teams success depends upon some very important considerations in regards to the forming of teams. But it’s not only a matter of teambuilding courses and exercises, but on the contrary to use a great tool, like our Team profile. Here you get all the tools and insights you need to avoid pitfalls and to deal with problems within the group by prefacing them.

Other than that, it’s also an extremely strong tool for the construction of the team by means of personality profiling. That way you can create great teams, who fit together in regards to strengths and weaknesses, and have easier with solving problems inside the group.

Professionalism and intelligibility is the core of our profiles

This is mainly because of the work we have laid in making our personality tests and profiling tools easy to understand and to use, but at the same time, without compromising quality, professional competency and the scientific foundation.

All our work rests on a solid foundation of psychological science accumulated over many years. At the same time, because of our team of employees and our advisory board, we are on the forefront of the development within the scientific communities and any new ideas or thoughts within our professional sphere.

But there is absolutely no reason to make it harder than it needs to be. We believe that the scientific methods can be made easier to understand and to use in practice. It is particularly this applicability, which has made us very popular with our customers.

We always strive to do better. We know that personality profiles and personality tests can seem like a way to put people into boxes. But we also know that these boxes exists and serve a evolutionary purpose. That’s also why we’re so good at helping people use the knowledge, that our certification and profiling tools can uncover to help develop people. Because that is what is essential.