Accreditation within personality testing and profile tools


When choosing e-stimate as provider, you will be provided access to all profile- and test tools by only one single accreditation. Like this, you will get a strong set-up of opportunities to be used for recruitment as well as development of managers, employees and teams. You will be educated in using the tools, but you will only be charged for your consumption.



A professional person profile easily used


You can use e-disc for:

  • Students
  • Career development
  • Employee development
  • Project groups
  • Coaching


Ideal for development and simple workshops

e-disc is a practical and simple dialogue tool showing over primary behavior patterns in four colors. e-disc has a strength-based approach and the use of colors in the profile makes it easy to understand and use.

If you are familiar with DISC, you might recognize many elements in e-disc. At the same time, you will experience a more accommodating report setup. E-disc is our most simple profile and is ideal to be used with for example students regarding development and career or simple workshops.






A professional personal profile with several nuances


You can use e-international for:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee development
  • Manager development
  • Talent development
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration


Ideal for development and recruitment

e-interpersonal does also use the four colors but is as an addition also based on eight facets/characteristics. This makes the dialogue tool significantly more detail-oriented. The profile has many applications and can be used for both recruitment and development.

The reports are intuitive and user-friendly. The texts are communicated in an everyday language and the use of graphical elements facilitates a quick overview.

Customize the report

You can easily customize the report with the elements you need or want in a given situation. As an example, it is possible for you to opt report elements such as "interview guide", "management skills" and "communication and collaboration". This way, you control the content in the report.

See an example of an e-interpersonal report




The team profile

Understand the drive in the team



You can use the team profile for:

  • Team development
  • Team composition/combination
  • Improve team performance
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration
  • Determine personal competencies in the team
  • Recruitment of new employees to an existing team


Ideal for improving collaboration and communication

The team profile gives you a thorough knowledge about the team as well as the individual’s role and contribution to the team. It is based on acknowledged psychological theories about human behavior and motivation. The use of graphical elements in the team profiles, makes it easily manageable – regardless of whether the aim is team development, to compose new teams and project groups or to strengthen communication and collaboration.

Workshop materials

The team profile can be combined with several workshop materials, which you also get access to. Some of the materials are team exercises, dialogue cards, team wheel and feedback cards. The combination of the team profile and these workshop materials makes it easy to remember one’s own profile as well as the other team members profiles. The team profile is of great value in everyday life and for many, the colors become a natural part of daily communication.


See an example of a team profile report



An in-depth- and accurate personality test


You can use e-fivefactor for:

  • Recruiting managers and specialists from tactical level and up
  • Employee- and management development
  • Insight in up to 30 personality traits
  • Uncovering of success factors
  • Identifying of risk factors
  • Thorough descriptions


Ideal for recruitment on manager- and specialist level

e-fivefactor is our most extensive personality test and uncovers up to 30 personality traits. The profile gives detailed information about a person’s basic personality. Thus, you obtain a broad understanding of the personality of the individual and a very deep knowledge about how the person acts. e-fivefactor has a great extent of nuances and details, which makes it very valuable for recruiting and developing managers and specialists from tactical level. The use of graphical elements in the report, makes the tool easily manageable.

Validated by psychometrics

e-fivefactor builds on IPIP’s (International Personality Item Pool). The pool contains 3,329 items. These items make up more than 250 inventories that measure a variety of personality factors, many of which correlate well to better-known systems such as the Big Five personality traits. The profile is continuously validated by psychometricians and is latest validated medio 2018.


See an example of an e-fivefactor report



Professional performance measurement



You can use e-asy 360 for:

  • Performance and development
  • Employee- and manager feedback
  • change processes
  • Improvement of collaboration relations
  • Impact measurement of education and development


Valuable feedback with e-asy 360

e-asy 360 is a flexible tool used for measurement of feedback and performance in a structured and professional matter. By comparing feedback from various stakeholders in one and the same process, you will get a holistic picture of achievements, strengths and weaknesses. The tool provides valuable knowledge regarding evaluating how colleagues and managers experience each other's strengths and development potentials. There are no limitations regarding the amount of questions or respondents and it is up to you whether you will customize your own question frame or use a predefined one.



IQ Potential

An accurate and valid IQ-test


IQ Potential is a profile tool measuring the intelligence wise aspect of a test persons potential to perform in a position or in proportion to a specific task. IQ Potential is an adaptive IQ test which means that the level of difficulty of the tasks are adapted to the individual answers. This insures a high precision and validity in the results.


The IQ Potential test consists of four test elements:

  • The ability to solve complex tasks
  • Working memory
  • Mathematical and logical problem solving
  • Communicative skills – including ability to produce a text under pressure


It has been proven through extensive research, that the ability to perform within these areas is closely connected to a successful job performance.


See an example of IQ Potential




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