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We want to ensure you a knowledge – based on data - and a basis for decision you can act on. This will enhance the probability for picking out employees, who stays motivated and perform best in the job.


Pick out the best for the job

When an employee matches the job, they will perform better which secures the company a better result. Likewise, a poor match between employee and job may cost the company many resources.  It takes an effective and structured recruitment process to find the right match between job and employee. With our personal profile, personality test and the most accurate IQ-test on the market as well as the functions ‘job profile’, ‘cultural fit’ and ‘second opinion’, you get some of the most powerful tools to be used for recruitment on all levels. All of this is provided to you by only one single accreditation.


Get an insight into our tools used for recruitment

At e-stimate everything it based solely upon scientific and well-documented concepts which is easily understandable disseminated. This makes our tools practicable. The reports use graphical elements that facilitate a quick overview of the candidate’s behavior in a job context and differences in the candidates natural and sought-after behavior. The reports also show whether there is consistency / inconsistency in the answer.






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A professional personal profile with nuances

If you are familiar with DISC, you might recognize many elements in the e-interpersonal profile. Due to the eight facets as an addition to the primary behavior patterns in the four colors, you will experience significantly more detail-oriented reports easier to use in practice.

Ideally suited for recruitment on a functional and tactical level

The e-interpersonal profile gives an accurate and tangible picture of the expected achievements of the candidate at professional level. Furthermore, the report identifies the robustness and GRIT. GRIT is defined by persistence and ambition – which is crucial personality features in proportion to success. Robustness is a personality feature showing how a candidate manage pressure and stressful situations. This makes the e-interpersonal profile especially ideal for recruitment on a functional and tactical level.

Are you recruiting managers- or specialists from tactical level and upward? Then we recommend using the e-fivefacor profile instead.

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An in-depth- and accurate personality test

e-fivefactor is our most extensive personality test and uncovers up to 30 personality traits. The profile gives detailed information about a person’s basic personality. Thus, you obtain a broad understanding of the personality of the individual and a very deep knowledge about how the person acts.

Ideal for recruitment on manager- and specialist level

e-fivefactor has a great extent of nuances and details, which makes it very valuable for recruiting and developing managers and specialists from tactical level. The profile builds on IPIP’s (International Personality Item Pool). The pool contains 3,329 items. These items make up more than 250 inventories that measure a variety of personality factors, many of which correlate well to better-known systems such as the Big Five personality traits. The profile is continuously validated by psychometricians and is latest validated medio 2018.

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IQ Potential

Applicable for recruitment

IQ Potential is a profile tool measuring the intelligence wise aspect of a test persons potential to perform in a position or in proportion to a specific task. IQ Potential is an adaptive IQ test which means that the level of difficulty of the tasks are adapted to the individual answers. This insures a high precision and validity in the results.


The test consists of four test elements:

  • The ability to solve complex tasks
  • Working memory
  • Mathematical and logical problem solving
  • Communicative skills – below here the ability to produce a text under pressure

It has been proven through extensive research, that the ability to perform within these areas is closely connected to a successful job performance.

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Make a rapid match between candidate and job

When you are accredited and receive your online e-stimate account, you can among other things use the following functions:  "Jobprofile", "Culture analysis", "Cultural Fit" and "Second Opinion".


Prior to the recruitment, it is possible, by using the job profile, to easily define which characteristics you are looking for in a candidate. When you have created the job profile, you can automatically be matched with answered profiles, so that you do not overlook strong candidates for your first dialogue.

The wanted characteristics are rapidly and easily defined by a slider marking minimum and maximum – for example personality features such as ‘drive’, ‘meticulousness’ and ‘social competences. The design is posh, easy and intuitive.



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