Do you work with collaboration and communication in teams and groups?


By using our team profile, you will get a tangible tool. No matter whether the aim is to create personal development for one or more or whether you want to improve the collaboration and communication, the team profile will provide you with great value.


Gain insight into the opportunities within the team profile


You can use the team profile for


  • Team development
  • Team composition/combination
  • Improve team performance
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration
  • Determine personal competencies in the team
  • Recruitment of new employees to an existing team

Create a mutual language in the team

The team profile gives you a thorough insight in our motivational factors, what we dislike, our communication style as well as our role in a team. By knowing the team, it will help collaboration, communication and our opportunity to obtain a mutual success.

The team profile is based on acknowledged psychological theories about human behavior and motivational factors. The use of graphical elements in the team profiles gives a solid insight in the team as a unit as well as the individual contribution in the team. The team profile is a strong tool for team development, to compose new teams and project groups and to strengthen communication and collaboration in the team – and to create an understanding regarding diversity.

 See an example of a team profile report


Make the colors a part of everyday life

The team profile can be combined with several workshop materials, which you also get access to. Some of the materials are team exercises, dialogue cards, team wheel, feedback cards and posters. The combination of the team profile and these workshop materials is of great value in everyday life and for many, the colors become a natural part of daily communication.




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