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Profile and assessment tools for team and group development

"With the Team Profile, you receive a concrete and practical tool for developing your team. Whether you aim to facilitate personal growth for one or many, or you seek to enhance collaboration, roles, and communication, the Team Profile will provide you with significant value."

Få indblik i vores værktøjer til teams og grupper

Til udvikling af teams og grupper anbefaler vi profil- og testværktøjerne: Teamprofilen, Kulturanalysen og e-dialog

Team Profile

Professional team analysis

The Team Profile is a powerful tool for strengthening a team's development, ensuring effective communication and collaboration, and, most importantly, fostering an understanding of diversity within the team.

With the Team Profile, you gain specific insights into what motivates the team, what they are less fond of, communication styles, and roles within the team. Understanding your team benefits both cooperation, communication, and the potential to achieve common goals and success.

Cultural Analysis

Professional cultural analysis

A cultural analysis is an anonymous assessment that makes tangible what many may perceive as highly abstract. It provides valuable insights in relation to culture assessment, the identification of strengths and potential within the culture, preferences for change management, and the recruitment of new employees.

The analysis takes 10 minutes to complete and measures four generic cultures and eight facets, along with additional comments from each person. With the 'Cultural Fit' option, you can compare culture and candidates during recruitment.


Customized dialogue cards and action sheets

e-dialog is a customized set of dialogue cards and action sheets, based on either the team's cultural analysis or team profile. With e-dialog, you have the foundation for a productive team workshop that focuses on the issues that are relevant and current for each team, rather than using a standard set of questions.

e-dialog is ideal for enhancing teamwork and communication within a team, providing you with a strong and professional starting point for team development.


Effective collaboration is more important than individual talent!

With the Team Profile, you gain insights into what motivates us, what we are less fond of, our communication style, and our role within a team. Knowing your team in this way benefits both collaboration, communication, and our opportunities for achieving common success.

The Team Profile is based on recognized psychological theories of human behavior and motivation. The report is conveyed through color symbolism and graphics, providing solid insights into both the overall team and the contribution of each individual within the team.

With a certification you get

  • – Access to all profile and assessment tools

  • – Your own online account – GDPR compliant

  • – A cost-effective solution – pay only for usage

  • – Access to supplementary process materials

  • – Access to our workshops and conferences

How to become certified

Module 1: Self-study and online attendance

Module 2: Course day in Ballerup or Skanderborg (DK)

Modul 3: Practice for one month and examination

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Styrk samarbejdet og kommunikationen med en teamanalyse


Med Teamprofilen får du en professionel teamanalyse til markedets bedste pris.

Teamprofilen er ideel til:

Rapporten indeholder:


Ta’ temperaturen på jeres kultur – styrk engagement og resultater

Kulturanalyse profil hjul

Med Kulturanalysen får du en professionel analyse af jeres kultur til markedets bedste pris.

Kulturanalysen er ideel til:​

Rapporten indeholder:


Dialogkort og handlingsark – skræddersyet til jeres team og kultur

e-dialog kort

e-dialog er ideel til at styrke samarbejdet og kommunikationen i et team – og giver dig et solidt og fagligt afsæt for at arbejde professionelt med udvikling af teams.

e-dialog er ideel til:

e-dialog indeholder:​