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When choosing e-stimate as provider, you get access to all our profiles and materials.


Therefore, you get a solid starting point to work with, developing employees and managers – both what concerns bringing awareness of own personal strengths, development potentials, motivation factors, behavior and term of way we act.




Get a rapid overview and a deeper insight in the potential of your managers and employees with our person profiles and personality tests


e-stimate ensures well-documented personality profiles and personality tests, which can be used for recruitment, personal development and value creation for employees and managers.

Our profiles are based on being intuitive and user-friendly. The texts are communicated in an everyday language with examples and descriptions and the use of graphical elements facilitates a good overview and understanding. Thus, the profiles make a good starting point for dialogue and development.

At e-stimate, one accreditation provides you access to all profiles and test tools. You will be profound introduced to the theory behind, to good tradition techniques as well as several process- and workshop materials.



Get an overview of profiles for development



A professional person profile easily used

e-disc is a practical and simple dialogue tool showing over primary behavior patterns in four colors. e-disc has a strength-based approach and the use of colors in the profile makes it easy to understand and use. If you are familiar with DISC, you might recognize many elements in e-disc. At the same time, you will experience a more accommodating report setup. E-disc is our most simple profile and is ideal to be used with for example students regarding development and career or simple workshops.



A professional personal profile with nuances

e-interpersonal does also use the four colors but is as an addition also based on eight facets/characteristics. This makes the dialogue tool significantly more detail-oriented. You can use the person profile to employee-, manager- and talent development, coaching and personal development. The reports are intuitive and user-friendly. The texts are communicated in an everyday language and the use of graphical elements facilitates a quick overview. The profile has many applications and can be used for both recruitment and development.



Ideal for manager development

e-fivefactor is our most extensive personality test and uncovers up to 30 personality traits. The profile gives detailed information about a person’s basic personality. Thus, you obtain a broad understanding of the personality of the individual and a very deep knowledge about how the person acts. e-fivefactor has a great extent of nuances and details, which makes it very valuable for recruiting and developing managers and specialists from tactical level.




Valuable feedback with e-asy 360
e-asy 360 is a flexible tool used for measurement of feedback and performance in a structured and professional matter. By comparing feedback from various stakeholders in one and the same process, you will get a holistic picture of achievements, strengths and weaknesses. The tool provides valuable knowledge regarding evaluating how colleagues and managers experience each other's strengths and development potentials. There are no limitations regarding the amount of questions or respondents and it is up to you whether you will customize your own question frame or use a predefined one.





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