About e-stimate

e-stimate develops and delivers professional HR analyzes, personality profiles, IQ tests and team profiles. Particularly, the profiles and concepts are characterized by being well-grounded and in-depth, but at the same time easy to understand and apply in practice.

We are placed in Denmark with partners throughout the Nordic countries, Europe, China, Australia and the United States - and have been accrediting more than 700 consultants worldwide. Our clients range from consulting firms, HR consultants in private- and public companies, sports clubs, educational institutions to team building- and recruitment companies.

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You are welcome to write us at  info@e-stimate.com or call us on  +45 72 44 44 19


Meet the team behind e-stimate


Jørgen C. Friis

Mail: Jcf@e-stimate.com
Mobil: + 45 24 46 14 06


Sandra Ea Friis

Mail: Sand@e-stimate.com
Mobil: + 45 21 86 85 87

Marianne Hyldahl
Senior Consultant

Mail: Mhh@e-stimate.com
Tel.nr.: +45 42 34 36 38

Asmund K. Lund
Psychology Consultant

Mail: Akl@e-stimate.com
Mobil:  +45 42 16 24 41

Andreas Vendelbo Olesen
Junior Consultant

Mail: Avo@e-stimate.com
Mobil: + 45 60 48 21 27

Pia L. Jørgensen

Mail: Plj@e-stimate.com
Mobil: +45 42 22 71 41


Bitten Brun
External Associate Partner

Mail: bb@bittenbrun.com
Mobil: + 45 41 10 41 90


Tine Mørch Hansen
External associate partner

Mail: tmh@spinoff.nu
Mobil: + 45 26 20 71 51


Anna Vedel
Advisory Board
Cand.psych & p.hd.


Lars Larsen
Advisory Board
Cand.psych & p.hd.


Peter Hartmann
Advisory Board
Cand.psych & p.hd.


Martin Hammershøj
Advisory Board
Cand.psych & p.hd.


Flemming Jaller
System developer
and programmer


Allan Høiberg
System developer and
responsible for server operation


Sisse Benkjer
and bookkeeping


Ronald Meier
e-stimate USA 


Jer Jessi
Support USA

Together we stand for ...


A solid academic foundation based on research


Et solidt fagligt fundament med afsæt i forskning


Professional competency conveyed in a language everyone can understand

Faglighed formidlet i et sprog, alle kan forstå


Responsiveness and the ability to provide customized solutions


Lydhørhed og evnen til at levere brugertilpassede løsninger


Always updated with latest research and trends


Konstant opdateret med nyeste forskning og tendenser



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