The professional competency of e-stimates personality profiles

The professional competency of e-stimate is largely credited to our professional Advisory Board consisting of experts, whom contribute to the tools having a constantly high professional standard and quality.

At e-stimate we develop and deliver professional profile and test tools.
This means that all profiles and test tools have a theoretical basis and that they are valid and accurate to use.

It is important, that there is a solid theoretical starting point, but also that the theory can be transformed into value in practice. Therefore, we run an ad to shine a spotlight on the fact that the academic foundation leads to results in practice.

Our Professional Advisory Board strengthens both our and your professionalism



Anna Vedel, Cand.psych., PhD

Anna Vedel holds a M.Sc. and PhD from the Department of Psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark, where she is also employed as a researcher. Among other things, she teaches in subjects as; personality traits, intelligence and motivation. In particular, Anna studies in the personality’s "dark traits" in connection with education and career choices. Anna contributes to e-stimates Advisory Board with her skills in psychometrics and personality tests.




Martin Hammershøj, Cand.psych., PhD

Martin Hammershøj is cand.psych. and PhD specialized in motivation and personality traits. Martin contributes to the e-stimates advisory board by validating test tools and their psychometric calculations. Martin also contributes with his solid knowledge of personality and motivation from the latest research in personality psychology and behavior.




Damon U. Bryant, Business psychologist, PhD

Damon Bryant has more than 15 years of experience in psychological and behavioral assessment and is one of the pioneers of AI data analysis. In our Professional Advisory Board, we especially draw on Damon's expertise in IQ testing, AI data analysis, and adaptive testing. Damon has received a prize from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology for his research on test bias.


 Your guarantee for high quality

We are a member of the recognized test provider organizations below, so when using e-stimate tools, you are guaranteed quality in both test, ethics and personal data security. All our tools have a recognized theoretical foundation and have plentiful in evidence of what they establish and what it entails in relation to behavior, life conditions and motives behind actions.




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